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DDO Update 16 Details Provided

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Turbine has released the details of the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 16.  Players will be able to continue the search for Oriphanun Huntsilver and aid the Harpers to retrieve his journal and the rare Nether Scroll contained within.

The update will include the High Road of Shadows quest pack, featuring five new dungeons.  This will be free to VIPs.

The Primal Avatar Epic Destiny is also coming out with this release.  Players can call upon the animals of the forest to buff your party with useful auras, summon an elder dryad to rain destruction on your enemies and heal and raise allies, buff your attacks and spells with stormrage to strike opponents with lightning, and take the form of a swamp being to channel nature’s rage.

Turbine also publishes The Lord of the Rings Online.

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