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NetDragon Introduces Game Play in Absolute Force Online

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NetDragon Introduces Game Play in Absolute Force Online

Absolute Force Online will challenge all players whether you are a newbie or a veteran player.  There are currently two types of Battlefield Modes in Absolute Force Online (AFO).   These types are the Classic Battle and an Exclusive Hero Battlefield.  In Classic Battlefield players can only use first person viewing, but if players decide on Exclusive Hero Battlefield they have the option of switching from first to third person view.  Each player is different so AFO developers want to ensure players get what they want in this MMOFPS.  Death in AFO is not always a bad thing, after a certain number of deaths a player will enter super hero mode, enabling stronger abilities.  NetDragon offers players many exciting game play modes which sets AFO aside from other games in this genre.

Just like death in AFO, players receive perks from dying, but players also receive perks from killing other players.  Like in all MMOFPS’s killing is a huge part of the game and in AFO that is no different.  Arsenal Mode, which is a unique game feature where the goal is to kill the most opponents, but with every player you kill you will receive a better weapon.  The thrill of hunting your prey has never been so rewarding.  Each player can receive upgrades from pistol to rifle, to machine gun, and even to grenade launcher.  But having the biggest gun in a fight means nothing if your foe brings the better vehicle to trump you.

AFO brings 5v5 helicopter battles to life in their unique Vehicle Mode.  Vehicle Mode allows players to battle in the air against other players, recreating your own Apache vs. Mi-24 battles.  Players have access to various types of helicopters fully equipped with machine guns and missiles for explosive showdowns.  Players are put directly into the cockpit when the battle begins.

Both the Arsenal and Vehicle Mode are exclusive to Absolute Force Online.  AFO also offers game play modes that players are used to in most MMOFPS including Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Zombie Mode, Team Deathmatch, and Squads.  Absolute Force Online wants to ensure that players get the classic MMOFPS gameplay, but also the excitement of the game features that are exclusive to only Absolute Force Online.

AFO is currently in the Development Stage and Closed Beta is estimated to start towards the end of 2012, just in time for the holiday season.

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