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Ironsight Adds a New Mode and more in the Tower Update

Ironsight offered a new slew of content today with their Tower Update. The futuristic online shooter has enhanced bullets, a new map, and even a new mode. That’s only the tip of the iceberg for the Tower Update though. A new primary weapon will breathe new life into the game with the Ballistic Shield. There are also now EMP Bullets to deal incredible damage to drones and sentinels. If you’re a sniper and looking to deal more damage on headshots, look no further than Magnum Bullets.

For the competitive-minded, a new Ranked Mode is available in the form of Duel. Players will go at it one on one to rise to the top. The mightiest of the mercenaries will receive exclusive rewards at the end of the season, depending on what rank they achieved. Are you the best in a one on one situation? The Tower Update lets you prove that. In addition, this mode shows off an awesome new map, the titular Tower Map. Several new Options and Cameras have been added for Spectator Mode, such as X-Ray, Static Cameras and more. The popular map Downtown has been graphically revised. In addition, the update provides new weapon skins and technical improvements for the online shooter.

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