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Weekly Recap #257 Sept. 21st – First Assault, ELOA, DarkScape & More!

A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: ArcheAge, Trove, Gigantic, Elite Lord of Alliance, Archlord 2, Dragomon Hunter, Echo of Soul, Skyforge, Blade & Soul, Otherland, DarkScape, Ghost in the Shell Online: First Assault, Unreal Tournament, World of Tanks & Robocraft!
Weekly MMO News summary for the week ending September 21st, 2015 (Sept. 7th – Sept. 21st).
Trion Worlds launches ArcheAge 2.0 Heroes Awaken expansion on Sept 11th:
Trove launches the Rise of the Shadow Tower update:
Motiga decided to remove Roland the big game hunter from Gigantic’s Closed Beta:
Webzen is bringing Elite Lord of Alliance to North America and Europe:
Archlord 2 is shutting down in November:
Dragomon Hunter introduces some of the many dragomon types in a showcase trailer:
Aeria games confirms western Echo of Soul servers are unaffected by Korean closure:
Skyforge released the Aelion’s Call update featuring game changes across the board:
NCSoft announced Closed Beta dates for the western version of Blade & Soul:
Otherland is now in Steam early access for a buy-in price:
Jagex launched a cutthroat, twisted pvp version of RuneScape called DarkScape:
Nexon announces Ghost in the Shell Online: First Assault being published in the west:
The Pre-Alpha Season is now live in Unreal Tournament:
Wargaming announced World of Tanks is headed to the PlayStation 4:
FreeJam introduces the Community Robot Factory to RoboCraft:

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