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Rappelz: Masquerade Expansion Now Available

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WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of online games, announces the release of Rappelz newest expansion, “Epic 9.1: Masquerade” on European and American markets. The expansion, named by the Rappelz community, welcomes a new dungeon, new equipment, increased character level and many improvements.

Starting today, players with a WEBZEN account will have the opportunity to download the Epic 9.1: Masquerade update and delve into the Pitch-Black Woods to take on the enemies of the Circus of Red Spiders.

Characters from level 160 and above will face the new creatures of the somber circus, before encountering the three new bosses: Lillis, Mephisto and the Soul of Lunacy. The adventurers can challenge themselves as the dungeon contains four levels of difficulty and offers new equipment, accessories boss cards and ten types of Soul Creatures to be tamed for the successful players.

Masquerade includes as well character level increase to 180, job level increase to 60, nine new daily quests rewarding players with coins, allowing them to buy exclusive costumes for their characters. Along with the new content, many improvements have been applied in this expansion: class skills and job balancing and interface enhancement to name a few.

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