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*Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and isn't available for play.
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Dragomon Hunter

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  • Marty

    1 its anime not cartoon if you mean what i think of!
    2 the register isnt working i wont get a E-mail with the activation link!

    • marty

      its on the forum site forgot to write it down!

      • DizzyPW

        Hey Marty,

        It’s an issue we’re starting to look into. Certain emails (most German based ones, AOL, and a couple others) seem to be blocking our registration email. If you register with a gmail account you should be able to get the confirmation email in the meantime.

  • Leon

    too many solo instances made it difficult to really enjoy it as an MMO. I am not certain if it gets better later on in that area, but it felt like I wasn’t really able to play with my fiance much other than meeting in town and occasionally there’s a multiplayer instance to go through. The game itself is absolutely adorable and fun, other than feeling mostly solo.