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First Assault

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  • LAO

    This is probably one of the best 1st to play shooter games I’ve played. Mostly since this is my first shooter game I ever liked and played. But I wish it had a better publisher nexons ok but they aren’t great great. You can either download it on steam or on their official launcher which is great since not everyone wants to use their official launcher and not everyone likes steam no offense to steam since I like them <3 but I would rate this game a 10 star rating not because I liked the anime lol but the shooting and the missions were awesome and the guys who run this game seem to have events like supply drops or double XP weekend as example (I just read this off their website 2 seconds ago so it probably won't be there in the future or maybe it will if they bring the event back) But this game is great from my perspective. The only thing I disliked is the publishers hate me or love me but sorry nexon I just wish this game had a better publisher and I feel bad calling you out on this but I'm sure a few people will agree with me on this subject. I will change my mind on the publisher comment if nexon changes for the better in the coming future but do we really see that happening? Because I honestly don't I would love to see them be a good company but I just honestly don't. But they do got some good games even though I got some issues with them.

    • LAO

      Did I really say 1st to play shooter? LOL I messed up I ment to say 1st person shooter game Sorry I wasn’t thinking just wish I can edit it.