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Seal Online Announces New Events

Seal Online Survival Update

Seal Online: Blades of Destiny has a new series of events available until next week.

  • PK Channel Season 2: A new channel never seen before in the MMORPG game was added so that users can compete on different maps. Players will access various events until October 9.
  • The Drop Finder: This event will also be available until October 9. Players can find different free items such as pet eggs, armor and rare artifacts to open ancient geodes where they will find more dragon eyes.
  • Grabbit: This system is renewed and brings an update with new items so that players can try their luck. The update will be available until October 9.

In addition, Seal Online is working on class balance. Last month, Magician and Priest were rebalanced; this month, Knight and Jester will be balanced too.

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