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Perfect World International Reveals Eclipse Expansion

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Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of the growing cross publisher MMORPG store Arc, has revealed details surrounding its next lunar-themed expansion to Perfect World International, Eclipse!

Eclipse brings with it a new uniform starting zone, Celestial Vale, offering updated and improved locations for leveling alongside other new players (or alts). This will be key as a new race, Nightshades, joins the roster of playable classes offering the Duskblade and Stormbringer.

PWI Eclipse Classes

Duskblade: Swift and Dangerous combatants, they turn melee combat into a deadly dance with their Sabers.

Stormbringer: Wielders of ice and thunder magic, they use their scythes to channel raging storms against their foes.

Two new instances are also being introduced featuring the new instance randomizer technology sure to keep your team on their toes each and every time you tackle the challenge. Some hefty rewards including items needed to unlock the new Rank 8 gear can be found in these, so you won’t want to miss out.


Read the full details on the update including some slick updates to the user interface here.

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