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Marvel Contest of Champions Welcomes Elsa Bloodstone

Marvel Contest Elsa Bloodstone

This week, Marvel Contest of Champions is welcoming Elsa Bloodstone to its roster.

Elsa Bloodstone is the second of her name, daughter of legendary Vampire Hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Elsa possesses the ancient Bloodgem artifact, granting her superhuman capabilities and the ability to destroy any vampire foolish enough to drink her blood.

Elsa’s focus is on unloading her guns to deal a heavy amount of damage. She’s capable of landing Busted Debuffs and purifying her own Debuffs, and utilizes a Well-Timed block off her Evade. Opponents with True Strike, True Accuracy, or Immunity to Incinerate and Coldsnap will prove most challenging.

For more details on Elsa Bloodstone, check the link below.

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