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BTS World Begins 100 Day Celebration

BTS World 100 Day Celebration

Netmarble has announced the start of a 100 Day Celebration for BTS World, lasting now until October 17.

The “100 Day Celebration” includes:

  • “100 Day Celebration” Event Draw (Part 1: Oct. 3-10; Part 2: Oct. 10-17) – New “Suit theme 4 Star Cards” exclusive to this Event Draw are now available for fans to collect.
  • “100 Day Celebration” Event Check-In (Part 1: Oct. 3-10; Part 2: Oct. 10-17) – Players logging in to BTS WORLD will have access to various rewards, including 100 Gems, given daily during the event period.
  • “100 Day Celebration” Push Event (Oct. 3-10) – BTS members will be given a 100 Affinity Rate each day during the event period.
  • Hot Time Event (Part 1: Oct. 3-7; Part 2: Oct. 11-14) – A special buff will be given every day during the event period, including Account Experience Points (EXP), Gold Drop Rates, Affinity Rates, Card EXP and more.

More details can be found on the official website.

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