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MU Origin Releases 10.0 Content Update

MU Online has a new update releasing today with 10.0, and with it comes the new Wings Awaken feature. This lets players strengthen their Reverse abilities, which are composed of Awaken Level, and Symbol of God. As the Wings Awaken level increases, further options will be unlocked. he Starry Dawn item is required to level up Wings Awaken, and the items can be acquired from the Reverse Individual Boss which has been newly updated in-game. When the Wings Awaken Level reaches certain points, Symbol of God slots will open for 3 grades and 5 types of Symbol of God.

Land of Nemesis also comes in this update, which is a new server clan-based PVP event. It runs from Tuesday and Friday from 21:30 to 22:00. Three clans can join the battle in the Land of Nemesis in order to get clan points, victory rewards, participation rewards or season ranking rewards, and the clan who gets the most points at the end of the battle will be victorious. In addition, there is a new clan-based PVP event, Battle of Olympus. This runs every Monday and Thursday, from 21:30 to 22:00. Players can fight together with their clan members to kill the boss and enemy clans for various rewards including exclusive accessories and season rewards.

This new update also includes the newly added Mate Relation feature where players can forge a special relation with their friends for extra buffs. Closeness points can be acquired by winning a clan event or clearing a dungeon together while in the same party or group. After reaching 180 Closeness points, players can use those points to create a Mate relation with a friend. a new Lake Necrosis map, Tarot Card – Emperor’s Privilege, tweaks, adjustments, and fixes also come with this update.

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