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OldSchool Runescape discovers “Fossil Island”!

Oldschool Runescape - Fossil Island Main Image

An adventure millions of years in the making comes to Old School Runescape: Fossil Island! All levels of adventurer in Gielinor can take part! The long-teased, pre historic land will have a quest that takes players there, but also to do battle with the forgotten skeletal Wyverns. New skilling opportunities await, and fossilized creatures from Gielinor’s past await discovery. The museum in Varrock will also expand with the launch of Fossil Island, so players can show off their findings to the rest of the community.

“Fossil Island has been something of a myth in RuneScape and the community for a long time,” said Mathew Kemp, senior product manager, Old School RuneScape. “The first design documents were drafted more than a decade ago, so we were really pleased the Old School RuneScape community voted so overwhelmingly and backed its development and release into the game.”

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