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Blade & Soul Shadows of the Innocents Update Announced

NCSoft today revealed details of the continuation of Blade & Soul‘s storyline after hinting at just that in our E3 2016 meeting. Shadows of the Innocents enters the player into Act 4 and 5 of the tale. Spoiler Alert if you continue reading!

Following the failed invasion of the Dark Lord, a new cult has arisen from the ashes. Enter the Ebondrake Cult, who would like nothing more than to see the Hongmoon School ground into dust once again! Can you stop their nefarious plot while protecting the future generation of new Hongmoon students?

Three new heroic dungeons are set to arrive alongside the Shadows of the Innocents update. Parties of four-six can take part in a naval battle to save Admiral Haemujin. Then once you’re warmed up, enter the Gloomdross Incursion to face the demonic hordes!

Finally players can join the 24 martial artist raid of Twisted Grimhorn Wilds.

All this and more is heading our way come July 20th. Catch the full preview on the teaser page here.

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