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Weekly Recap #207 Sept. 29th – Infinite Crisis, Trove, Titan & More!

Weekly Recap #207 Sept. 29th – Infinite Crisis, Trove, Titan & More!
A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: Trove, Zombies Monsters Robots, Firefall, Neverwinter, Vindictus, Warframe, World of Speed, Armored Warfare, War Thunder, Blizzard’s Project Titan, League of Legends, Infinite Crisis, & Age of Wushu!

Trove transitions over to Closed Beta and highlights some of the epic creations from alpha:
Prepare to get “Jurasskicked” in the Zombies Monsters Robots T-Rekt update:
Firefall devs come in to fight players as elite chosen bosses in the Chosen Offensive event:
Neverwinter announces Module 5: Rise of Tiamat:
Players give their thoughts on Vindictus:
Warframe launches update 14.5 for PS4 and Xbox One:
World of Speed had their first ever live gameplay demo on twitch along with introducing the Mustang GT:
Armored Warfare shows off the T-80 Main Battle Tank in a new tank intro series:
War Thunder updates us on the development of Air Races with a new trailer:
Blizzard announced its super secret project titan… is being cancelled:
Riot Drops a massive rework on Sion, the undead juggernaut:
Infinite Crisis introduces two new heroes, Atomic Joker and Nightmare Robin:
Age of Wushu introduces a new area, delightful island and the Silver hook:
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