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League of Legends

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  • Bard-Cat


  • Audrey

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  • Lionel Jackson

    Honestly coming from someone who has played since Season 1, I would not recommend playing this game. The first two or so years this game came out it was fantastic and very immersive with the dev. focus on plot and character development. Now this game is flooded with every 12 year old rager that got bored with screaming at adults on Call of Duty and decided to try out PC games. 100% guarantee that your first actual pvp game will consist of one person shouting every bit of profanity you can think of. One person asking you to end your life. One who cant handle the toxic players and leaves, and then one who cries and moans about the game sucking. Riot devs have also moved to a more “pay money to be good fast” policy. Want to earn more than 1 champion every 2 weeks playing? Pay. Want things to boost your stats? Pay. Want to play with people who know what they are doing and dont scream like 10 year olds? Pay.. Not worth your time. Just go play SMITE or the new moba from Blizzard. both are way more worth it than paying 20 bucks a week to get screamed at for one mistake.

    Your friendly neighborhood Gold I

    • Soraka

      eh what? it is no way pay money to be good. IT is easy to get champs unles you play 2 games a day. Sure it is full of toxic assholes, me being one of them. Only problem with the game now is they have orangutans in their balancing department. And smite is a POS. third person doesn’t work with MOBA. and the fact that every shot is a skill shot.

      • Lionel Jackson

        Im glad you have an opinion. However yes. the game used to be where you could just play every day and get all the champs you want. Now however every new champ is a huge jump in price for free players to where you have to pay to even get them in the first month of release if you aren’t constantly holding IP. almost every new skin is like 20+ bucks which is ridiculous (example meowkai) their balancing team is purely based on potential sales so champions get retarded and can solo entire games for a week or two (ironically when they come out with a new skin for them) when it comes to games like smite, if you are into the camera thing, its way more balanced and way more casual. Overwatch is the same way (now that I’ve had enough experience in the game to make a comment on it) very casual. and they balance theirs decently. As soon as riot sold out they have just been creating content and not quality. thats the point of my comment. and why mobs players should look elsewhere and not for League of Toxic (and now broke) Crybabies

        • Soraka

          So you haven’t Told me how you pay to be better since skins don’t make you better. And $20? 1350 should be $15 since 975 is about $10. And look in not trying to defend their pos game I hate riot as much as the next guy since those pos banned my account but it isn’t that hard to get ip nor is it p2w

          • Lionel Jackson

            Im speaking from the last date I played this game. ( when my first comment was) at that point in time skins were 15-20 bucks. to get enough champions in your roster for ranks as a newer account took months as a free player and minutes if you want to blow off 100 bucks on your account. The community was horribly toxic (still is i bet) and Riot does nothing to improve the quality of the game and instead just releases more pay to use content. I never said it was pay to win. I said it was pay to be good. you need champions to do decent. which costs. you need to get ip boosts if you want runes quicker than blowing off a weeks ip on 2-3 (when you need like a page of 16+ minimum to make a difference). IP boosts cost money. want more rune pages to do more in games? that costs too. then you gotta pray riot doesn’t decide you fucked up somewhere or you’ll get screwed out of an account you payed a lot for. aka pay to be good.

        • Lionel Jackson

          Side note you just said you’re one of those racers.. gonna go ahead and say you proved my point lol

  • Lionym