PAX East 2014 Coverage Recap

Posted by DizzyPW On April - 18 - 2014
PAX East 2014 came and went but we have plenty of insider discussions with developers across the board of online gaming. Catch our full PAX East coverage all in one place, right here!   Orcs Must Die Unchained Guild Wars 2 Nosgoth Magicka: Wizard Wars Infinite Crisis Dawngate Duel of Champions Project Cyber   And of course catch our cosplayer round-up right here!

Mercenary Kings Review

Posted by DizzyPW On April - 18 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Welcome to the Tropic (Thunder)! Oh, come on. I had to do it. Mercenary Kings is a title by Tribute Games, famous for their console title, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Though the same artist – the fantastic Paul Robertson – provides design, the gameplay is incredibly different. In Mercenary Kings, you play as King (or Empress) and you are the most badass mercenary walking the planet. Your every step is a warning to anything before you that they...

Atlantica Online Introduces Massive Empires of Gold Update

Posted by DizzyPW On April - 18 - 2014
With the Empires of Gold update, Nexon America has added new dungeons, a new mercenary and a new class to Atlantica Online, its 3D massively multiplayer online roleplaying game set in an alternate history Earth. Players journeying in-game to Mesoamerica, the land of ancient magic, golden cities and powerful warriors, will find new content awaiting their arrival. Details below: New Dungeons Empires of Gold update adds four new dungeons, including: · Forgotten City Chichen Itza (Level 28+, Level...

Clancraft Releases New Lore Behind The Game

Posted by Jaime Skelton On April - 18 - 2014, a premier game portal for MMOs big and small, reveals the lore and storylines behind their newest title, Clancraft! A browser game that crosses town building and simulation in an exciting mix, the game features classic artwork inspired by European fairy tales. But don’t think these cutesy characters don’t come fully loaded with plenty of power! Players can leap straight into the open beta right now at The land of Dios: peaceful, plentiful, with a highly developed...

Epigenesis Introduces Single Player Mode, All New Legacy Arena Level

Posted by Jaime Skelton On April - 18 - 2014
Developer Dead Shark Triplepunch today announced Epigenesis, the award-winning online multiplayer sports/FPS ball game of the future, now includes a single player mode for any would-be cybernetic ball players looking for a match with other bots. In single player mode players can create a match with up to nine different AI opponents and practice their cybernetic ball game skills. Epigenesis is an online multiplayer arena sports game in which two sides are locked in an epic, never-ending fight for...

Developers of Ring Runner Launch Popup Dungeon to Kickstarter

Posted by DizzyPW On April - 17 - 2014
Triple B Titles Kickstarter project, Popup Dungeon, took a mere 11 days to Greenlight. This is in stark contrast to their previous game, Ring Runner, which took 399 days. Triple B believes the cause of this radical difference is the style and genre of the game as well as their now established fanbase, since Ring Runner was the first game their studio created. Popup Dungeon is a completely flexible Rogue style game with functionality to create any spell, ability, weapon, or character – limited...

H1Z1 Livestream Tonight at 4pm PDT

Posted by Jaime Skelton On April - 17 - 2014
Just revealed last week, the first livestream of Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming zombie survival MMO, H1Z1, will take place at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET tonight! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players must fight to survive against zombies, animals and other survivors in H1Z1. Check out the stream below or on Twitch!   Watch live video from h1z1 on

EverQuest II All Access Pass Detailed

Posted by Jaime Skelton On April - 17 - 2014
Sony Online Entertainment is rolling out the SOE All Access membership program next week, and has revealed the benefits for EverQuest II players. Members with an All Access pass will receive: – 7 character slots – Member Benefits buff: Additional 15% coin loot and 10% mount speed! – Double the alternate currencies earned in game – Member-only Loyalty items – All access to broker, in-game mail, chat and spell tiers Players with the All Access pass will also...

Aura Kingdom MMORPG

Aura Kingdom
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Check out this new Free MMORPG. Read More

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