ArcheAge Setting Sail: Second Beta Test Dates Announced

Posted by Jaime Skelton On July - 23 - 2014
The ArcheAge team has confirmed the dates for its second closed beta test of ArcheAge in a new community update. The second test event, named “Setting Sail,” will start at 10am PDT on Wednesday July 30 and run through 10am PDT on Monday August 4, giving players just a little more time to test the game than the last event. The update also expressed thanks to the thousands of testers during the last event, explaining that the test helped iron out issues with custom integration, anti-spam,...

World of Tanks Blitz Mobile Review

Posted by DizzyPW On July - 23 - 2014
By Ojogo, Mobile Guru   Tanking on the Run The tenth of July marked Wargaming’s release of the iOS exclusive version of its action packed tank simulation game, World of Tanks Blitz. We’ve had the opportunity to play the game for a while now and here are our thoughts on the game.   Gameplay From the start, Blitz plays a lot like its PC brother. The gameplay hasn’t changed much from its PC version. Honestly any PC player will find the mechanics to be a mirror port as soon as they jump...

M&M Duel of Champions: Now available on consoles

Posted by Mikedot On July - 23 - 2014
Recently announced by Ubisoft, Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars is a standalone game for X360 and PS3. Although it shares many similarities with the PC/iPad versions, they have various differences between them, as well as a slew of new features including: SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN – A 30-mission campaign follows the epic story of the Forgotten Wars. Battle challenging AI opponents in both duels and puzzles. RANKED MULTIPLAYER – Fight your way up the global leaderboards, with an improved ranking...

Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade: Team Combat Demo this Friday

Posted by Mikedot On July - 23 - 2014
Team Critical Hit will be continuing their transparent approach to development this week on Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade by streaming new parts the game and taking fan questions live on Twitch. They will be showing off a 6v6 team fight demo, between the Space Marines and the Chaos Space Marines. On the Space Marine side we’ll have the Tactical, Assault, and Devastator classes. Meanwhile with the Chaos Space Marines, we’ll show off the Tactical, Raptor, and Havoc classes. But what would...

Steel Avengers: CBT Period Extended

Posted by Mikedot On July - 23 - 2014
The publisher Koramgame today announced that they plan to extend the CBT period for the new tank MMO Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising. The build-and-conquer strategy game is available as a free download for players in the USA on Android devices through Google Play. The new open beta date is expected to be announced soon, but until then Koramgame have ensured that there is plenty to keep players entertained during the CBT with plenty of contests and in-game goody giveaways! And once Steel Avengers has...

Sigils: Battle for Raios – New trailer available

Posted by Mikedot On July - 23 - 2014
Karlsruhe online games provider Gameforge and Austria’s leading game developer Sproing are working on a MOBA RPG for tablets: Sigils: Battle for Raios. With the successful technical launch in Scandinavia and the Netherlands already under the belt, the next update to the game introduces the three-versus-three PvP to the game. A first-look trailer provides further insights into the world of Sigils: The highlights of Sigils: Battle for Raios: Innovative concept uniting MOBA and role-playing gameplay Made...

Tribal Wars 2 – The Building Blocks of an Empire

Posted by Mikedot On July - 23 - 2014
InnoGames releases additional information on the player’s initial city and its buildings in the online strategy game Tribal Wars 2. Next to commanding a huge army, managing the growth of one’s city is crucial to being successful. As players progress through the game they will have to manage a multitude of cities, each with up to 16 types of buildings to maintain. InnoGames released a new video explaining the buildings as part of the announcement. When building up a city in Tribal Wars 2, the...

Space Engineers Early Impressions

Posted by DizzyPW On July - 22 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Puppies. . . In Spaaaaaace!! Out of the Czech Republic comes Space Engineers, a sandbox simulation of outer-space construction and survival. To me, it genuinely feels like Minecraft in space, with very restricted yet infinite possibilities. You can only craft space stations, small ships, and large ships. However, I have seen such a plethora of various ships and stations from all walks of science-fiction. While I myself am no master engineer, I marvel at some of...

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Infinite Crisis
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Grand Fantasia
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