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14 Kickass Games to Prepare You For Summertime Goodness!

With firenados erupting, temperatures in the southern US soaring to the hundreds in May, we imagined most of us are looking to spend as much time this summer in the nice AC cooled room. And how better to spend hours inside than with some of the hottest free online games hitting their first beta tests this summer. It’s time for a countdown, and there’s some real quality titles to look forward to in the next few months.
Looking for a new Free to Play game to try out this summer? MMOHuts put together 14 games to try or look forward to, to kick off your summer with some heat! Follow the links below to the MMOHuts game profiles and through to their official site to sign up and get access!
All of these games you can sign up for or already start playing! What are you waiting for?
Dead Island Epidemic
Rise of Incarnates
World of Speed
Black Gold Online
Archlord 2
EverQuest Next Landmark
Swordsman Online
Transformers Universe
Lego Minifigures

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