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  • William Orbison

    New server Zhou will be here on April 27 in 11 days. I am looking to create a Party with 5 other players to get through the leveling process as fast as possible during a weeks period. or a few days at least.

    Also I plan to create a guild with this party

    creating a gang is optional, it’s something we would have to discuss later on.

    within this Party I am looking to have at least 3 healers, and split 3 exo users and 3 endo users.

    the 3 healers I am hoping for are E’mei, five venom, and Sun and Moon. but can be any other healer class. I would like to have the party to have each party member to be of different class from each other. as for me I am heavily leaning to Harmony, and my second option is Sun and Moon. but we can discuss who gets which class to play.

    if more then 5 people are interested in joining me in creating a party and guild. we can have more then one party set up. if we do have more then one party we can try to set it up to have each party to level at a similar pace. but keep in mind the top goal is to level up as fast as possible within a week’s period. or at least a 3 day period..

    please comment here if interested. also you can email me @ or contact me on discord. you can add me @ HANJOOYANG#5128, or add me on skype @ Thesin011

    for me best method to contact me as on Discord.

    when you contact me or I contact you. we can discuss the process I have in mind to achieve our main goal and side goals.

    any body can join me. New player or vet player doesn’t matter. just be openly minded and friendly and fast learner lol.