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Weekly Recap #212 Nov. 3rd – Battlecry, Albion, Bless & More!

A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: Battlecry, Trove, Albion Online, World of Warships, Armored Warfare, Path of Exile, Elsword, Bless, Otherland, King of Wushu, Tome: Immortal Arena & SMITE!

Weekly MMO News summary for the week ending November 3rd, 2014 (Oct. 27th – Nov. 3rd).
Battlecry makes an apperance at PAX Aus showing off several new classes:
Trove heads to Open Beta Nov. 5th:
Albion Online released new plans for future content:
World of Warships discusses the uniqueness of Aircraft Carriers in the latest Dev Diary:
Armored Warfare introduces the M1128 MGS “Striker”:
Path of Exile thinks 5 grandmasters at a time is enough:
Elsword releases the Mastermind 2nd job class change for Add:
Bless comes out of the shadows with a new creation trailer:
Otherland has come our of development darkness:
Snail Games introduces a new wushu game, but its not what you expect:
KIXEYE announced the steam release date for Tome: Immortal Arena for Nov. 21st:
Nox enters as the latest goddess in SMITE and we’ve got a sneak peek at the new Ao Kuang:
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