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Elsword Online

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  • Guest

    Pay to win games
    3.Grand chase
    5.Tales Runner
    6.Lost saga
    9.Dragomon hunter
    10.Eden eternal
    11.Aura kingdom
    12.DCUO universe
    13.Need for speed
    14.conquest 2
    15.Cross fire
    17.Dungeon fighter online
    18.Legend of edda
    19.Cosmic Break
    20.Getamped 2
    21.Rumble Fighter
    22.Echo of soul
    24.One Piece 2
    26.Tiny mighty

    • Yourfrozen

      well a lot in this list are not p2w they only sell xp boosts and things like fashion but ok :P

    • PinkPie

      This is very true 100% percent most MMO games are 90% are to pay to win as to free to play while there other people who sit here get robbed to death like Yourfrozen who blindly can’t not see it for himself. I hope they what earn from being scammed by the developer and the company. Good Luck!

  • Robert Moore

    Didn’t Albion drop the F2P model?

  • RPG Player

    (Comment):This game is very casual based for people who want to try out this game plus I would not recommended supporting this RPG game.
    (Here are the Pro and Cons for Elsword.)
    +11 Character
    + Costume
    + Mount
    + Fishing
    + English Voice actor
    + Class Variety
    + Raids Dungeon
    – No Class role
    – Gender locked
    – Dungeon Stamina (Limited)
    – No Challenge Dungeon
    – Easy Level up
    – Hacker can ruin the game
    – Gold Seller
    – Scammer
    – Repeated Dungeon
    – Useless Auction Market (in-Game money Broken)
    – Certain Animation Skill caused low Fps Drop
    – Expensive Cash Shop
    – Lack of Customer Support
    Final Rate:2/5 (Fair) Not a Real RPG game.