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WildStar Discusses Combat Stat Revamp

WildStar Discusses Combat Stat Revamp news header

Carbine Studios is excited to share the latest WildStar deep dive, this time focusing on Class Stat Refactoring for the game’s upcoming free-to-play transition. In an effort to make player stats more rewarding and intuitive, Carbine is improving the overall clarity and consistency of stats in WildStar to make sure they feel balanced and fun. The result is a new and improved stats system that’s easier to pick up and understand for new players, while offering more control and specialization options for veteran players. Some of the key changes made include:

  • Re-hauling primary stats and a deep expansion of secondary stats
  • Adjustments to how players influence stat power through Runes
  • Rebalancing of all stats to make their powers work cohesively within the new system
  • Re-adjusting the power curve and adjustment of levels

Lead combat designer Steven Engle goes into greater detail about the big player stat changes coming to the game in this blog post: Once the free-to-play update goes live, there will be a total of six core stats that serve a clear purpose. Secondary stats will also be available for experienced players to explore and utilize, ultimately leading to even more customization and control over individual playstyles than ever before.

More details in the coming weeks will be revealed about other major changes coming to WildStar’s free-to-play update, so stay tuned!

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