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Age of Wushu

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  • Wakana Satou

    This is Age of Wulin. It’s just the translayed “North American” (a.k.a. Snailgame) version.

  • SaveYourSelves Review

    So here are my thoughts about this game from what it was to what it is now. What this game was, was a very fun game. It use to have a bunch of players and it was very lively. The PvP was nothing compared to any other game and the combat system. At the time there was some moderately friendly competition between the two sides and it was fun. I met a lot of people in this game and it was such a fun and great game.

    Fast forward to today, this game is nothing more than a barren wasteland. What you will find here is only whales who have spent hundreds and thousands on their accounts. Not only that but the community has become a toxic waste dump and it’s just really sad. The players are rude, will stalk your real life information if you as so much PK them and you will be harassed daily. I understand that this is an open PvP game but the people left have gone far and above what that is and have extended it to real life. Mostly everyone left is borderline psychotic.

    The population today is very low. Recently Snail has moved to one server now, closing two server in the last 2 months. The player base has been reduced and more and more people are leaving because of the toxic behavior. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this game. It was fun back then and now it’s just a waste time. Save your money and save your sanity.