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Travian 4 launching February 16

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On February 16, Travian will update to Travian 4, its latest major update, in over 20 countries (with the remaining to follow by the end of February). Players can pre-register now to join the new servers supporting the update.

While the core gameplay remains the same, Travian 4 will feature a graphical and user interface improvement. Added will be a new multi-level zoom map, new illustrations to offer feedback to players about village and battle status, and a new hero system that allows fully customizable and equippable heroes, with equipment being able to be traded in the auction house.

Travian is published by Travian Games GmbH.

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The long wait is over: The servers of the online game Travian 4 launch this week in twenty countries around the globe!

Munich-based browser games specialist publishes its all-new classic game with many new features

Munich, 14 Feb 2011 – How can one turn a popular classic into a better, more accessible game? Starting 16 February 2011, Travian 4 shows that with meticulous attention to detail even a masterpiece can be improved. True fans can already pre-register on 14 February in order to be among the first to join the new servers.
Travian is a phenomenon. Initially published in 2004, it today entertains millions of players worldwide. Now the timelessly popular game has been completely reworked: The graphics are all-new and more contemporary, there are several completely new features that add even more fun to one of the most-played browser games in the world.

The principle of the game remains popular and proven: Use skill and strategy to turn a sleepy Roman, Gallic, or Teutonic hamlet into a mighty empire. Over the course of a game the true challenge awaits: Being a diplomat, trading resources, and supplying your villages with food takes a lot of skill. The goal is to become stronger than the competitors, or even to build a world wonder.

“Travian 4 is a milestone in our company?s history!” says Eckart Foos, Head of Games at Travian Games GmbH. “Our development team and all the creative heads involved did not rest on the laurels of the already-successful previous versions and have created a fully-featured quality product. It shows once more that we deliver high quality to our customers and that we know how to make continuously convincing games!”

Travian 4 has been reworked in many areas of the game. The modernization was done carefully in order to make sure that the typical charm of the original game remains. The graphics, for example, are not only more detailed, more colourful, and more varied, but also optimized for gameplay – offering the player the information he needs at a glance.

Thousands of villages of real players await in the near and far surroundings of the player?s settlement. The new multi-zoom map offer more complex and detailed information, easing the tasks of the military commander to successfully plan raids or diplomatic missions. The varied illustrations give the player more feedback regarding completed adventures, changes in the village, or battle reports.

The hero system is also completely new in Travian 4. Hundreds of varied challenges and quests are waiting for the individually customizable hero. With the valuable loot from quests the player can equip his hero with items from head to toe. That way he will not only become more powerful and impressive as a leader of his people, but alternatively the player can also sell his equipment in the auction house and become incredibly rich.

Countless improvements small and large are tightly packed into Travian 4 – including many suggestions that came from the game?s incredibly tight community.

Travian 4 can be played for free in all common web browsers. It will launch in 20 countries worldwide within the first week. Further server launches are planned for 31 more countries in the following week, so that Travian 4 will come to over 50 countries by the end of February.

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