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Games of Glory is a MOBA-crossover, inspired by different video game genres. It borrows the fundamentals from MOBAs and integrates a faster action controls and flexibility in weapon choices from shooters. The persistent universe and social aspects are inspired by MMOs, and the opportunities to customise your clones come from Hack & Slash games.

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Publisher: Lightbulb Crew
Playerbase: N/A
Graphics: Medium
Type: MOBA
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Faster paced gameplay compared to other MOBAs
Cons: -(Limited information available)

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Games of Glory Overview


Action oriented combat mechanics: The game is changing the established rhythm of MOBAs as well as some of the basic notions of game play. No auto-attacks with weapons, new types mechanics like “white damage”, faster movement and other innovations puts the player in the midst of frenetic battles.

Gameplay designed for team-play: Games of Glory is above all a game to be played in teams, built on the collaboration between players. Each team has Clones that complement each other with their skills, and with similar functions as those classes traditional in existing MOBAs: Tank, Carry, Scout, Assassin, Support.
Each team elects a captain who suggests tactics in real time, and organises the team around the different objectives in the game.

Varied selection of weapons: During each match, each player has the choice which weapons to choose and how they will evolve. Weapons for close combat as well as lasers and rocket launchers gives the opportunity to vary the way each Clone is played from match to match. In the middle of a fight the player has the ability to change weapons and surprise his opponents.

Personalization of Clones: Each Clone has numerous exchangeable pieces of equipment which change its appearance, so the player can create a unique style. Through different types of uniforms, team specific skins and many other alternatives the player can create his own original Clone.

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Games of Glory Articles

  • Games of Glory Secures Funding, Cancels Kickstarter - Posted on August 7, 2014
    Lightbulb Crew, an independent game studio currently developing its first title, has gotten commitments of additional financing in order to fund its upcoming, genre-busting Games of Glory.
  • Games of Glory: Weapon details unveiled - Posted on July 31, 2014
    In the heat of battle, players can change their active weapon at any time in order to adapt their offensive strategy and turn the situation to their advantage. Switch to close combat if the Clone is out of ammunition, send a lethal shot with a sniper rifle after an escaping enemy, mark a player to reveal his location and then strike him with a grenade launcher from safe behind a wall.
  • Games of Glory: Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaigns Available - Posted on July 22, 2014
    LightBulb Crew, an independent game development studio with a team built around veterans of Ubisoft, DICE, and Codemasters, has launched both a Kickstarter campaign and a Steam Greenlight campaign for its upcoming genre-busting MOBA, Games of Glory. The game is currently in a playable Alpha state, and is looking for support to complete and polish a finished product.
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