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This weekend marked the 15th anniversary of the launch of City of Heroes, the revolutionary Superhero MMORPG. Ship of Heroes honored that anniversary by going over the backstory for one of their “big five” superheroes, Sword Blossom. The five heroes that are the top of the food chain are Ambassador, Strikewell, Meltdown, Sword Blossom and Iris. Sword Blossom rose to prominence in 2440, during a Promethean sneak attack. Their leader, Dr. Cornish set up bases and secret passages deep within the ship, that is hidden from normal detection. The Prometheans had been hidden for decades at this point.

Instead of fighting back the Nagdellians, Sword Blossom realized the importance of the ships generators and life-support systems, and though the Engineering section was normally safe, this Promethean attack was directed at the passive Engineering personnel. Only a few of them survived, and many more were converted into more Prometheans, creating more of those cyborgs than ever before. Since then, Sword Blossom has become Chief Engineer, rebuilding the department, putting more combat-oriented personnel in this sector, to defend it better in the future. The link below has further details on Sword Blossom.

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