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Darkness Rises Celebrates 25 Million Downloads with Samurai Showdown VI Collaboration

Nexon announced this morning that their action RPG Darkness Rises has broken 25 million downloads worldwide. To celebrate this milestone, a special collaboration has begun with the legendary SNK franchise, Samurai Showdown. For a limited time, costumes from Samurai Showdown VI will be available in the game, to make their characters look like the famous fighting game characters. This is available on both iOS and Android. This event begins today (April 26th) and lasts until May 9th, 2019.

Players can collect costumes inspired by Haohmaru, his eternal enemy Kibagami Genjuro and more. In addition, five new pets featuring mini versions of 5 characters from the Samurai Shodown series also enter the fold giving players more companions to collect and bring into battle. There is also the 25 Million Downloads Celebratory Event: Further rewards can be claimed by players who log-in during the 7-day Attendance Event including A+ ranked gear chests, gold and more.

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