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DragonSoul details Hunter class

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DragonSoul has revealed new details on one of its many classes – the Hunter.

The Hunter is a female-only class, featuring stamina and precision and using bows and crossbows. It can further specialize into the Archer, which can use Poisoned Arrows but has a weakness in melee, or the Arbalist, which uses the crossbow at ranged and in melee but moves slower than the Archer. Hunters can use traps, supporting skills which boost attack and defense, hide in the shadows, stun other players, and even poison their own skin to damage attackers.

DragonSoul is being published by Neonga AG.

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Ever since the great empire of DragonSoul has fallen, a war between the eight kingdoms has waged and many young adventurers have united with the armies to guide their own empire to glory and honor as fearless Warriors, mighty Mages, unerring Hunters or sneaky Assassins. Each one of them has got their own unique skills which makes it the right tactics that decide in the end whether players end up winners or losers from the bloody PvP battles.

In order to win some insight on which skills are necessary for a successful fight, today we introduce the exclusively female Hunter class.

Hunter Class:
Known as an ice cold and grumpy person, it has always been the mission of the Hunter to turn enemies into pin cushions from a distance. Outstanding stamina and high precision make Hunters serious long-range combatants who have specialized in using bows or crossbows.

Specializations for the Archer:
In order to deepen the skills of archery, it is naturally necessary to carry a bow. With it, Archers can skillfully cast various attacks on the battlefield: Poisoned Arrows can petrify their victims or they darken the sun with a cloud of arrows and attack entire groups this way. But beware! Whenever opponents storm towards them, Hunters can rarely withstand. Especially reloading makes them vulnerable to attacks. Thus, the advantage in long-range combat goes along with a weakness in melee attacks. Successful Hunters always depend on their precision, speed and stamina.

Specializations for the Arbalist:
Arbalists inevitably need a crossbow for combat. One can find them in the middle of the battle rather than remote positions, with this heavy weapon which can also be used for melee attacks by swinging it around. However, due to the heavy and goring crossbow, they move significantly slower than Archers. This is why it can easily cost their lives if they remain in one and the same position for too long in the heat of the battle. On the other hand, a lightly-armored opponent can meet their doom once the bolt of a crossbow hits. In short, a crossbow can be both a blessing as well as a curse in the battlefield: goring yet heavy and thus exhausting.

The Hunters’ tactical skills can be deepened independent of their specialization. They mainly consist of traps and supporting skills. They help them improve their attack-, defense- and controlling skills. For instance, Arbalists can install ballistas in the battlefield which automatically attack any opponent within range. Players can improve and combine these skills according to their own preferences in order to individually specialize their character on the highest level.

A selection of the more than 40 Hunter skills:

Skill: Effect:
Shadow Warrior Allows the user to hide in the shadows. Allows the user to enter an Invisible state for 15 seconds and reduces Move Speed.
Dragon Roar The crossbow’s string is stricken so loudly during melee attack that it stuns all surrounding opponents.
Poison Skin The player’s skin is poisoned. Any attacking opponent is poisoned for a while.

In the upcoming weeks, Neonga will publish more information on the different classes and their attributes.

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