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Games of Glory reveals its new Skiuteran support clone, Suu’chadak, available now.

The origins of Suu’chadak are unknown, and he has never opened up about his past. His first appearances date back to the beginnings of the Synarchy raids into the Skiuteran space, where he surveyed the battlefields for injured to care for.

Regardless of their origin, natives and settlers he tended to them all. Always in the wake of the invading forces, his care became a legend for the various peoples sharing the story of a benevolent healer in places of war within the galaxy. Wounded soldiers naturally shout his name when it’s time to defend Skiutera interests within the Games of Glory.

Suu’chadak remains a mystery to his allies as adversaries: behind a childlike good nature is hidden a being with healing power accessible only to the wisest of creatures

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