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  • oldybutagoody

    w101 is a great game, been playing since 2008 and I will never get tired of it!

  • Pr0 Pancakes

    Good game content but be prepared to be banned for doing any little thing. Mis type something in chat and it comes up filtered “red

  • yilza

    Great game! have been playing for years at UK version, but doesn’t have as many features as on the US version so i switched. It’s not really a ftp game, but you can try the game until lvl 10. Then you’ll have to pay for every new section of the game or become a member. If you keep on the free try out you can still play but wont level up and can’t use ‘free chat’. Although its a kid’s game and graphics are almost medieval xD the art is great and the quests give you a lot of fun. You can solo most of the game but you can also farm dungeons with set up teams. The turned based game makes it a bit slow and repetitive, but while you progress the spells are getting more original and fun looking. The fact you can learn spells from other schools too can make you char very powerfull and distinct from others. If u want to play this game i wont recommend membership, but to buy every section instead. Buying sections are forever and while you lvl up you’ll notice you can play more time in the same worlds without buying another one/spending more money.