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Wizard101 Prepares for Novus Update

Wizard101 Novus

The popular family-friendly MMO, Wizard101, has begun testing for its major fall update, featuring a new world, new systems, and much more. Here’s a quick glance at what’s coming!

New World: Novus

What is Novus? Where did it come from? Why is it here? The answers to these questions will shake the Spiral.

Novus continues Arc Four’s storyline, inviting players to investigate this bizarre new world and reach the new level 160 experience cap.

The ArchMastery Stat

In order to address issues in the dual-school magic system, which currently discourage spending ‘pips’ on secondary schools due to the value difference, Wizard101 is introducing the new ArchMastery stat. This will allow you to generate ‘School Pips’ during rounds in battle, which can then be spent on school-specific spells.

New Beastmoon Forms

You can discover new beastmoon forms including Balance Minotaur, Ice Draconian, Fire Rat Thief, Death Wolf Warrior, and Myth Colossus!

You can check out the full test realm patch notes on the official site for more details on these features and more! Look forward to this update coming soon to Wizard101, and make sure to test the changes out if you qualify to play on the Test Realm.

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