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Heavy Metal Machines ‘Metal League Finals’ Take Place This Weekend

Heavy Metal Machines Debuts Full Metal Judge

Heavy Metal Machines‘ latest tournament, “Metal League 5” will take place this weekend, with 5,000 USD on the line. The eight finalists face off for the prize pool, and the tournament is made in partnership with eSports organizers ESL Play. Metal League 5 has three European and five Brazilian teams, competing for the prize pool. The action will take place on Saturday, September 21st at on Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube. First place takes 2k, 2nd receives 1.5K, 3rd takes 1k, and 4th receives 500 USD.

Hoplon’s Rodrigo Campos discusses the Metal League:

Metal League 5 has been a thrilling experience both to watch and to organize. We want to invite players from all over the world to watch the finals, as well as practice for the new upcoming Metal League Season and gain cash prizes just for playing Heavy Metal Machines.

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