Nosgoth is a bloodthirsty, free-to-play, competitive online multiplayer title from Square Enix and Psyonix, set in the Legacy of Kain universe.

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Publisher: Square Enix
Playerbase: N/A (Development)
Graphics: High
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: N/A (Development)
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A (Development)

Pros: +Officially set in Legacy of Kain universe. +Promises to deliver interesting ranged v. melee dynamic.

Cons: -Limited information available (still in development).

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Nosgoth Overview

Nosgoth is a free-to-play, competitive online multiplayer game set in the Legacy of Kain universe. Choose between the ranged-specialized Humans or the brutal up-close carnage of the Vampires, and let the bloodshed begin.

Nosgoth’s iron-willed Emperor Kain has disappeared, leaving his throne empty and the world in the hands of his Lieutenants. Riven by jealousy and conflict, it was not long before the Vampire Clans began fighting among themselves. Only the threat of a newly resurgent Humanity launching a war of extinction against them could reunite the warring Clans. Now they turn their inhuman strengths on a common enemy, to stop the genocidal march of Humankind.

The Reavers of Clan Dumahim are dexterous and stealthy predators, whose only focus is the subjugation of Humankind. As trained and talented killers, Reavers are both calculated and poised. Swift, silent and smart, these Vampires are natural hunters who can out-think and out-run the opposition.

The Tyrants are the frontline shock troops of the Vampire legions, dedicating each victory to the glory of Clan Turelim. Tyrants see themselves as ‘true’ warriors and despise those who cannot compete with them on the battlefield. Their fighting style is heavy-handed and punishing, soaking up damage as they smash a straight line to their prey.

The Sentinels are devolved descendants and represent the last remnants of the once-proud Clan Razielim. Sentinels have developed large wings that allow them limited flight abilities and they use this mobility to scout and strike unsuspecting enemies from above. Dark and twisted, Sentinels are haters of Humanity.

Thousands of years on from when their ancestors attempted to extinguish the race of Vampires from Nosgoth, the remaining Humans have been paying the price for that war ever since. Having risen from slavery and rebuilt their civilization, Humans have joined forces from all corners of the world to exterminate the Vampires once and for all. Growing in number, their rediscovery of lost expertise in weapon-crafting and new technologies in alchemy now makes them formidable warriors.

Professional and pitiless, Scouts were among the first of a new generation of Humans to take up arms against Nosgoth’s Vampires. Armed with a precision bow, they are well used to hit-and-run tactics. Scouts swear loyalty to the Watchers, assassins skilled in picking off their enemies from the many hidden vantage points in the mountains of Dark Eden.

The Alchemists are cultists, sworn to an order of arcane chemists whose concoctions produce a variety of effects ranging from explosive cocktails to transformative potions. A female-only sect with a thirst for explosions, Alchemists carry a hand cannon that fires alchemical globes which detonate with devastating force on impact.

Vampire Hunters feel at home only in the midst of battle. They belong to the Ironguard, the last of an almost annihilated force and distant successors to the warrior class that have always lived, trained and fought for one thing – the eradication of every last Vampire from Nosgoth. Dedicated, ruthless and skilled, these warriors live for the hunt.

Nosgoth – A world of Vampires and Humans – Hundreds of years of conflict and hatred. Each race pitted against the other for supremacy, for survival. This is the war for Nosgoth!

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Nosgoth – First Look

Nosgoth – PAX East 2014 Dev Interview

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Nosgoth System Requirements

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Nosgoth Articles

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