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Nosgoth – New Human Class: The Vanguard (Shield Bearer) – First Look

Square Enix and Psyonix are finally ready to reveal the latest Human class, The Vanguard aka the shield bearer and they chose MMOHuts as one site to show him off!
The Drowning Men of Meridian (The Vanguard), make up battalions of tough warriors founded by a mixture of convicts and overseers who together survived the Vampire assault on the Isle of the Dead. The Drowning Men now attract the lost and the damaged and the wicked from throughout the war-ravaged Human settlements of Nosgoth. Criminals, deserters, pirates, battle scarred veterans, blood-soaked priests and haunted medics stand together as a bulwark against the Vampire herds. So there you go, these are the guys that will get the job done and risk it all for the group, which makes since in their role on the battlefield. As a vanguard their job is to soak up some of the damage and support allies.
The Vanguard was supposed to be joining Nosgoth on Tuesday, February 24th but for some reason delayed.

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