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World of Warships Announces New Space Mode

World of Spacewarships News - Image

The latest update for World of Warships will be abandoning Earth and heading to the great star ocean in this next update. No longer will pilots have their souls weighed down by gravity, as SPACE WARSHIPS become the next development focus. Running from March 29 to April 11, this special April Fool’s release goes beyond sea skirmishes and historical battles, bringing a fresh and exciting experience to its audience. Players will soon learn that in space, no one can hear you cry “Action stations!”

“We always strive to keep the game focused on history, but at the same time we are very open to bringing interesting collaborations and events into the game to entertain our players. Our community means the world to us and we always endeavor to treat it with the respect it deserves,” said Artur Plociennik, Executive Producer of World of Warships. “When trying something new, we always keep in mind that we’ve got quite a dedicated fanbase following our every move. We have to set the bar high for ourselves and then check with the community whether it’s high enough—which is why we’re letting them give us their feedback for this new mode.”

The following Tier X spaceships will be leaving port in this update:

FlyFire: an elegant design with excellent rocket armament and awesome stealth systems

Galaxy: quantum-cumulative shells and an anti-drone disruptor field will surely come in handy

Hellcarrier: control swarms of drones to conquer even the most distant corners of space!

Paris: armor and speed combined with quick-firing guns and unique ion thrusters

Zaya: as beautiful as a star butterfly, and as dangerous as a Tellurian serpent—that’s all you need to know

Norma: a special turbolaser battery with a unique reloading system, and ion rockets that obliterate all matter in their way

Aurora: “No phantoms shall pass” is the main motto of the engineers who designed this powerful and majestic cruiser

Alldestroyer: excellent all-rounder—thick armor, great guns and a large number of small laser turrets

Blue Aster: a good choice if you need to disintegrate another disintegrator, so that it doesn’t disintegrate your disintegrator

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