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CrimeCraft now available on WarpPortal

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CrimeCraft, Vogster Entertainment’s shooter, is joining WarpPortal this December, allowing players with a Gravity Interactive account to join and play with the rest of the CrimeCraft community.

CrimeCraft recently launched its Bleedout expansion, featuring a comic-book style driven story and PvE campaign.

Gravity Interactive also publishes Ragnarok Online, Requiem, and ROSE Online.

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Welcome to the New Age of Ruin

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (December 15, 2010) ­ Vogster Entertainment¹s action
packed online shooting MMO, CrimeCraft, joins the WarpPortal online platform
family for the North American market this December.  More information can be
found at <>

CrimeCraft is a Free to Play MMO Shooter that blends a gripping,
action-packed shooter experience with the best community and role-playing
elements found in MMORPGs. The recent launch of CC: Bleedout, the first
major expansion to the product, adds a deep story-driven campaign and
exciting PvE action to its competitive PVP-based feature set.

³We are ecstatic that Vogster Entertainment has joined our WarpPortal
platform,² states Yoshinori Kitamura, CEO of Gravity Interactive, Inc.
³CrimeCraft¹s innovative, interactive and engaging approach to the next
generation of MMO¹s is a wonderful addition to the titles that are available
on WarpPortal.²

³We¹ve watched our customer base experience consistent growth month over
month in both registrations and in-game population,² says Daniel Prousline,
vice president of development at Vogster. ³Our partnership with Gravity is a
great fit as they continue to expand their reach with high quality games
with low barriers to entry.²
CrimeCraft will be available in December 2010, is free via the WarpPortal

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