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Heroes of Newerth Pays Homage to 8-Bit Gaming Era with Interactive Map

Heroes of Newerth Pays Homage to 8-Bit Gaming Era with Interactive Map Post Banner

Prepare to experience gaming nostalgia like never before. Today, Heroes of Newerth unveiled its 8-Bit Collection, a set of in-game hero avatars and content inspired by some of gaming’s biggest icons. The 8-Bit Collection, which launches with an interactive 8-Bit map replica of Newerth that includes designated “zones” for each avatar, debuts April 10 with LightGunblade, a shoot-from-the-hip persona who duel wields zapper guns. LightGunblade will be available for an introductory rate of 700 gold coins, a price that’s set to increase to 900 gold coins after a week in the Heroes of Newerth store.
The 8-Bit Collection will also support Heroes of Newerth’s eSports scene, as a quarter of all revenue generated from the set will be used to bolster upcoming Swedish LAN, DreamHack Summer 2015. Funds will be used to increase HoN’s tournament prize pool, pay for player flights, and more.
“8-Bit is a tribute to some of early gaming’s biggest players with a dash of Heroes of Newerth,” said Sam Braithwaite, Publishing Manager of Heroes of Newerth. “We want for players to look at the set and to be flooded with memories from their childhood gaming sessions.”
Following LightGunblade’s release, new 8-Bit Content will be released every Friday at 10 a.m. EDT. Players who purchase multiple 8-Bit Avatars will be eligible for in-game perks such as an 8-Bit Taunt, Courier, and Announcer Pack. For more information, visit

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