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Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 4.3 Notes

FFXIV - 4.3 Update

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood‘s latest update is 4.3, and is due out tomorrow after maintenance. With it comes a host of updates, changes, and fixes, as well as a continuation of the main story. provided players have completed “Rise of a New Sun”, can they go onto the next story mission, “Gosetsu and Tsuyu”, which includes five more quests in the main story. Chronicles of a New Era continues with “Tortoise in Time” in the Ruby Sea, and perhaps most important of all, “Return to Ivalice” progresses forward, beginning with the quest “Uninvited” for players who have completed “A City Fallen”, which is found in Kugane. Five more Return to Ivalice Quests were added, as well as a collection of side quests, and Namazu Beast Tribe Quests. Those can only be progressed through as a Disciple of the Hand and/or Land though.

In Patch 4.3, the Doman enclave reconstruction effort has also begun, where players can donate unneeded items to supply and finance the reconstruction of the Doman Enclave. For items donated, players will receive a gratuity that amounts to a bit more than would normally be received when selling to a vendor. However, there is a limited budget to pay for these gratuities, and the budget resets every Tuesday at 1 am (PDT). With these contributions, the enclave will grow and change over time. To begin his, players must have already completed “A Thousand and One Farewells”. Company workshops also received more craftable items/voyage destinations, as well as Grand Company barracks receiving the all-important glamour dresser and armoire. Housing also saw an update with a new estate vendor NPC (journeyman salvager) which will share some of the functions of the Calamity Salvager. A wealth of new housing items were added in 4.3 also, and the system configuration also saw a minor change. You can now Enable city-state BGM in residential areas if that’s your wish.

The Manderville Gold Saucer saw an update as well, with new Triple Triad cards, a change to the scoring system in Fashion Report for an easier time acquiring marks. Chocobo Races were also changed so that players who want to race can do so from Duty Finder, which will match them with players in their data center. However, players will no longer be able to use party chat during a Chocobo race. That will be changed in a future update. When registering for a race alone, players will be assigned to a race class based on their Chocobo’s rating. When registering as a party, players will be assigned based on the lowest-rated Chocobo in the party. Attributes of all other Chocobos will be synced to the lowest-rated Chocobo. Several character classes saw adjustment as well, with Dark Knight seeing large buffs all around, Monk seeing enmity reduction to “Purification” and “Brotherhood” will give its effects to nearby party members, and can receive multiple stacks of Meditative Brotherhood. Samurai received a series of damage buffs, and Astrologian saw cast time on Malefic reduced all around as well as buffs to Lightspeed and Aspected Helios.

With 4.3 comes a new dungeon, Swallow’s Compass, which is a four-player dungeon with an Average item level of 330 or above. Tortoise in Time is also new, and can be tackled as long as players have completed “An Auspicious Encounter”. 4.3 also included new Trials, and the power of the Echo will also be added to players who wipe in The Jade Stoa (and Extreme). The alliance raid “Ridorana Lighthouse” also joined the game, which was written by guest creator Yasumi Matsuno, who directed Final Fantasy Tactics/XII. The boss designs were created by Keita Amemiya, creator/director of the GARO series. Quite a few Duty Roulettes have been added, from Normal, Expert, Trials, and Mentor, with additions such as Alexander: Gordias/Midas/The Creator, and Omega: Deltascape/Sigmascape. Adjustments across the board were made for PVP actions, including the removal of Sleep (Black Mage), Tri-bind (Summoner) and Flunge (Red Mage).

Finally, Cross-World Linkshells have been added onto the social tab of the main menu, which let people form private chat groups and communicate in real-time across worlds. Players may only belong to one cross-world linkshell at a time though, and linkshells with less than two active members are automatically disbanded if new members are not added within 24 hours. Multiple cross-world linkshells cannot be created in succession. This is just some of the great content added in 4.3, so the complete patch notes are below.

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