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TERA announces the arrival of the Elin Gunner with its Miniguns update.

TERA Miniguns brings with it a new hard mode for the game’s top end-game dungeon, plus special log-in rewards and a leveling event. Per press release:

To celebrate the launch of the Miniguns update, all players will receive a free additional character slot when they log into TERA before December 8. This gives players an empty slot for their new elin gunner or any of TERA’s other 12 different character classes!

All players get bonuses in a game-wide leveling event through January 2; as players level up a new character in TERA, they unlock special event rewards including valuable gems, a 15-day looting pet, Elite Status access, and a permanent Snowdrift mount! Elin gunners reaching max level by the event’s end also unlock an exclusive Pink Will Suit and Pink Arcannon!

Finally, for each weekend players log in for three hours or more in December, they’ll receive a special Weekend Boom box that can yield great items including Golden Talents, Noctenium Elixirs, and even a Royal Diamond Dragon or Azure Phoenix flying mount!

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