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Wakfu Overview

Wakfu is a free-to-play tactical MMO by the same creators of Dofus. This sequel is set 1,000 years after the Age of Dofus in the World of Twelve. Fans of the original game will notice some familiar characters and environments but a lot of drastic changes as well. Players step into the role of an awaken hero’s spirit reincarnated and sent back to rescue a land in turmoil. Each hero must rebuild their chosen nation and form valuable allies within. Simulating an open sandbox style of gameplay like Istaria or Perpetuum players are free to take up multiple professions or start a clan based war. Storm into dungeon instances overflowing with monsters, conquer neutral zones with fellow comrades, start your own shop, or become the ruling governor. Join the Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar, or Sufokia nation and choose between 14 starting classes.


Sacrier’s Blood Berserkers – These melee fighters are ideal for lengthy battles. Berserkers receive buffs for each blow of damage dealt to them.

Iop’s Heart Go-Getting Warriors – Courageous knights loyal to their God that are capable of destroying all those who oppose. They rely heavily on their weapons but have a few powerful spells in their arsenal.

Cra’s Range Archers – This class specializes in long-range combat and is considered as the archers of the highest order. Armed with bows and arrows this class is deadly.

Eniripsa’s Hands Healers – Eniripsas are talented healers with an assortment of buffs and health replenishing spells.

Pandawa’s Pint Sherpa Warriors – Skilled in hand-to-hand combat this class of melee fighters definitely know how to swing an axe.

Enutrof’s Fingers Treasure Hunters – Possessing the knowledge of all things valuable this class of gold rushers are all about profit. These treasure hunters reap increased drop rates daily.

Sadida’s Shoe Plant Summoners – Known as the leader of tree-huggers this class is determined to protect precious plant life. They cast powerful spells to summon plants to aid in their battles.

The Rogue Ruse Masters of Illusion – Notorious felons that are more cunning and intelligent than most. This class of clever assailants uses tools and a variety of gadgets to get things done.

Feca’s Shield Protectors – Fecas are defensive spell casters that use magic to aid in the protection of their nation.

Sram’s Shadow Assassins – The sneakiest assassins known to man are part of Sram’s Shadow. They use traps to ensnare their foes.

Ecaflip’s Coin Warrior Gamblers – This class of unusual fights are equipped with weapons constructed out of gambling cards.

Xelor’s Sandglass Temporal Magi – Blessed with the gift of manipulating time this class is capable of reflecting an enemy’s attack.

Osamodas’ Whip Animal Summoners – Accompanied by the Gobgob they have the ability to capture souls and summon them to aid in combat.

The Masqueraiders Lunatic Soldier – These knights wear magical masks that give them special abilities.

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Wakfu F2P Review 2013

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor)


In my opinion there are only a few MMORPGs with an interesting story line, and one of these are Dofus and Wakfu. Wakfu is a game that takes place in the same world of Dofus, it is around a thousand years after the start of the age of Dofus and in Wakfu you will be able to choose one of the few roles to steer the current world into the right direction. Be a fighter, a politician or just a merchant, anything is possible in Wakfu, a game that makes you feel more like a citizen of a larger empire than just a hero.


Wakfu is a turn-based Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. And even though I have never been a big fan of turn based games, Wakfu does this different than others. But before I go more into the intricacies of combat let’s start with the basics. In Wakfu you can be anything you imagine. There are many roles that you can fulfill and that’s what makes the world feel live more than any other MMORPG. You aren’t really bound to do one job; you can just choose what kind of path you take. When you begin playing this might be a bit overwhelming, so a starter class is available to take you through the tutorial. Once you have your footing you’ll be able to decide on what your actual class will be. This system provides an nice easy learning slope into the more advanced mechanics, and believe me you will want to learn all you can because Wakfu is a cut apart from the typical MMORPG mold. When you are done with the tutorial or you decided to skip it, you can take the plunge into one of fifteen available classes. Each one of these classes is specialized into something, either in being a specialized melee fighter or one that prefers to stay at a range to kill its enemies. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information about these classes and I had no idea what to choose when picking one. For as detailed as their tutorial is, their class demo is quite limited and I ended up wasting time testing three classes before finding one that matched my playstyle.

When you have finally decided on a class and done a couple of quests you can also choose a nation. And these aren’t just normal nations that you can find in other MMORPGs. Instead the nations of Wakfu are led by actual players like yourself. When you have become a citizen you can climb up the ladder and actually get a higher job in the ranks of your nation. You can even become a political figure in Wakfu, and before you know it you are the new Obama of your nation.


This game is all about strategy; you really have to know what you are doing when picking a fight. Fighting is different, since the combat is turn-based you will have to think through your strategy out ahead of time if you are going to overcome a more powerful leveled opponent. Before the battle starts you are able to pick between a few available positions for your opening move. Some of these are closer to your enemy while others offer flanking opportunities, so consider your class’ specialization and plan accordingly. Even during the tutorial I found myself fighting monsters that were way stronger than me and I actually had to redo the fight several times just to get a better outcome. And when you level up you get to pick what kind of way you want your character to build towards. This is done through a skill point system that offers you the freedom to pump various stats. Each class also has elemental spells, fifteen in total, and when you are new you are given one spell of three or four elements. The choice is completely yours and serves to be a primary distinguishing factor from other players using your class. All the elementals define your character by giving you additional range or more powerful attacks.


The game is not all about fighting monsters, getting stronger and climbing the ladder. Wakfu encourages you to play with others. Every fight you participate in, you can get a friend or NPCs to join you. Besides becoming a citizen and trying to get a little more influence and power in your nation, you can also earn citizen points. By earning more points you get better ranks inside the nation. After accumulating enough points, you can apply to be a candidate for the governor position. You can also join a clan and participate in crafting and politics with your clans in the ecosystem. In the ecosystem you will have to manage the number of monsters, plants and even the weather in each territory. You have a responsibility and really have to work together with other people to make your nation the best place to live in. Together with other people in your nation you have to decide the evolution. Or take the place of the Joker and set up with your band of villains to see the world burn.



Conclusion: Great

Wakfu isn’t just a game, it is a second life you are able to live. I always love to see when games like Wakfu encourages player in much more social ways to play together. It isn’t only fighting together, you actually have to rule the nation together with other people. Have you ever wanted to run for Governer, and decide the policies that structure the rules of your gaming nation? Wakfu is one of the few titles on the market offering the systems to do this. With a decent sized group of friends backing you, you can have a major influence on even the ecosystem and status of your server. I enjoyed playing this game, and actually fell in love with the turn-based concept of Wakfu. I will definitely play the game more and try to get higher on the ladder. If you like turn-based fighting, and the whole social concept of Wakfu then you should definitely try out the game.

Previous Review:

Wakfu Review

By Ange Perdu

Wakfu is a 2D fantasy themed strategy MMORPG where players become reincarnated heroes sent back to the World of Twelve to rebuild civilization. Based off of the popular Anakama hit Dofus, fans revisit a familiar land that has taken a drastic turn for the worst. Choose from 14 starting classes and join a nation worth fighting for in this unique adventure. Explore dangerous zones inhabited by strange powerful creatures, battle beasts or opposing nations, and raid dungeon instances. Wage tactical turn-based combat solo or in a group with friends. Participate in special challenges, complete quests, and practice up to 16 different professions while establishing a new form of government. Run for an electoral position to make major decisions for your republic or go on a PvP killing spree to earn a reputation as a menace to the newfound society. This completely F2P game combines the imaginative style of Dofus with some seldom seen RPG features for an entertaining multiplayer experience.

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Beyond Souls’ Crossing, the Gameplay

Players start out at a celestial transitioning point called Souls’ Crossing where they encounter a brief tutorial and then are dropped down into the World of Twelve. Similar to Istaria the game’s environment uses an open sandbox style. There’s not much direction and very few NPCs delegating quests. Most of the gameplay revolves around monster killing, exploring, and mastering multiple professions. Combat in Wakfu utilizes a tactical turn based system much like Dofus. To initiate a battle players simply click on their opponent and select the attack icon. A placement grid automatically appears with red and green colored tiles representing each user’s available movement points. Each player’s turn is timed for 30 seconds. Choose to make a move, cast a spell, or execute a direct hit. Battles are intense fights to the death. High level enemies can take forever to kill making combat feel slow paced at times. Every class has their own set of 10 special abilities that can be mastered as a hero levels up and used in battles as well. There are hundreds of cute but challenging creatures to fight. Slay a Bad Meow or take out a team of Tofurbies. Killing critters earn XP. Battles can involve one or multiple monsters against a solo player or team. At any time players can challenge others in a PvP duel. Heroes do not gain any XP for dueling. Battles involving two teams of six are also allowed. Players only earn an opportunity to gloat and a few Citizen Points if the defeated opponent is an enemy of the nation or an outlaw. There is no auto-walk feature. Players have to manually click their way through massive fields and rugged terrain. It makes travelling to and from a destination an arduous task. Periodic challenges become available and flash at the top of the screen to break the monotony of repetitive grinding or aimless meandering. These mini-competitions are timed. They usually have simple objectives like kill the most plant monsters before the buzzard sound off. The winner receives a rare item.

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Herbalists to Governors

In the World of Twelve players have up to 16 different professions to choose from, an evolving ecosystem, and a political feature that allows heroes to run for various positions within their nation. All of the professions are interchangeable, once learned. Heroes can freely switch from an herbalist or farmer to a lumberjack at will. Unlike Perpetuum there isn’t a steep learning curve for crafting professions. Players receive a two page book on the subject to look over and then they take a quick quiz over the profession’s procedure. The entire game is player driven including the ecosystem. Nations have the option of using up all of their resources or maintaining their land’s environment. Monsters and plants can be repopulated through the use of seeds or exploited. The in-depth political system allows every hero to become a participating citizen. Vote on local laws and issues once you have earned 100 Citizen Points. Citizen Points are rewarded for being involved in your nation’s welfare. To move up the political ranks to a guard or solider in the government you must unlock a particular achievement such as killing a certain amount of outlaws that have been terrorizing your area. To become a candidate for Governor a hero has to possess 1,000 or more Citizen Points. Elections last 48 hours with stationed polls set aside for users to cast their vote. High ranking positions give players additional bonuses along with the prestige.

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Haven’s Bag or Nothing

NPC item shops do not exist in this game. Shocking, I know. Heroes get all their items from monster drops, crafting, or buying it from another player’s Haven’s Bag. Haven Bags are enchanted bags that functions as a mobile shop, house, and garden. Heroes can set up a window display within their bag to sell any unwanted items or equipment. This feature works well with the array of professions available. As a baker whip up some breads or switch to a handyman to create a few nice pieces of furniture to display. Tailors are able to make clothes and herbalists can concoct vital remedies to sell or dispense to allies in need. Similar to most player trading options heroes get to set their price. Although virtually any item can be sold in Haven Bags finding a player with the specific item you need is just as random as monster drop rewards. It’s always nice to have the security of a placed NPC shop to go to when in need. The lack of item shops makes it hard to acquire powerful gear without relentless grinding. It’s not fun. Players have to become a jack-of-all-trades with their profession skills and even then it’s only certain items that can be crafted. Occasionally heroes will stumble upon a Haven Bag with a nice assortment of equipment. Weapons like the Gobbhammer, Tofu Staff, Ha Sword, Gobbsword, and Gobblette Wand may be available. Sometimes a user will find extra keys to dungeon instances like the key to the Three Pirates’ Cave and sell them. Purple Piwat, Swocks, Belle Ring, Kapow Thongs, Adventurer Helmet, Larvesque Helmet, Moonstone, Gobball Breastplate, Sticky Shield, Tofu Cloak, and Moskito Wings are other gem finds but overall customization is limited.

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Final Verdict: Good

Wakfu is a unique and challenging game. Players will find themselves literally lost in a world overflowing with cartoonish yet difficult to beat creatures. Although the map and navigation options could be better, intense tactical turn-based combat is prevalent throughout the game. Fans of Dofus or those new to the genre will appreciate the stylish graphics, in-depth ecosystem, interchangeable professions, political system, and the fact that all of the content is F2P. The open sandbox-like gameplay gives players the freedom to choose their character’s destiny but this feature may not be for everyone. If strategy RPGs and fantasy themed games like Istaria are more up your ally than this animated adventure might be worth checking out.


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