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Skyforge Game Thumbnail


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  • Lonibanac

    where’s my key?!

  • RagDaRock

    No game has had me more excited in the past two years (besides ArcheAge and that turned out to be…well you all know) than Skyforge. I got into the CBT4 and it is just fantastic. The skills, the animations, the story, the voice acting, the dungeons, the mobs, the bosses and mini bosses; and the scenery :3. I just love it all. The instancing can be kinda sucky when you’re looking for a group and no one is there, but I think with more people in Open Beta that won’t really be a problem. Definitely a game to look forward too. And people complain about the grind, but it’s not bad and what MMORPG doesn’t have grinding in it, they just pretty it up different ways. Can’t expect to just sit around and get free experience, then people will complain game to easy, finished everything in week -.- . Anyway when you try it for yourselves you’ll either love it or hate it, but I’m sure you’ll love it!