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(360 votes, average: 3.44 out of 5)

  • Lonibanac

    where’s my key?!

  • RagDaRock

    No game has had me more excited in the past two years (besides ArcheAge and that turned out to be…well you all know) than Skyforge. I got into the CBT4 and it is just fantastic. The skills, the animations, the story, the voice acting, the dungeons, the mobs, the bosses and mini bosses; and the scenery :3. I just love it all. The instancing can be kinda sucky when you’re looking for a group and no one is there, but I think with more people in Open Beta that won’t really be a problem. Definitely a game to look forward too. And people complain about the grind, but it’s not bad and what MMORPG doesn’t have grinding in it, they just pretty it up different ways. Can’t expect to just sit around and get free experience, then people will complain game to easy, finished everything in week -.- . Anyway when you try it for yourselves you’ll either love it or hate it, but I’m sure you’ll love it!

  • PaladinMAx


    65h of gamplay per weeks minimum before reach the limit of evolution !

    Playing 2 days++ per weeks and doing facebook games 5 days is
    not my conception of mmo.

    80% of the player hope for an update who remove/upgrade this limitation.

    Limitation grow up each weeks but honestly further you advance further you need
    more sparks for everything so it is useless.

    WITHOUT limitation issue this game is one the best mmo ever.

    With this limitation he win the – Retard Awards –

  • GUEST101

    A LOT of lag, can’t play with max graphics at all without the screen freezing every second.

    • Tammy

      Buy a decent computer ;)

  • Stefan Nicic

    I gave my best but I just can’t get into this game. From the introduction to 15h I felt …”meh”.I completely burned and having hard time understanding what is so special about it.Sure it tries “to be unique”,”to be itself”, has somewhat interesting setting but everything else just feels off for me.

  • Robert Allen Broughton

    game is very repetitive in the actions you make. constant clicking of the left and right mouse button… Waste of time downloading this one. took about 9 hrs. i played for 1 and figured out yes there is customization but then the game is still the same.

Skyforge is a 3D MMORPG with a veteran development team that includes the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment. Begin your journey as a newborn immortal, and grow in power until you are a God! Gain followers to become stronger and learn new skills, and face off against enemies across the universe as you defend your homeworld in PvE and PvP. Skyforge will run on a single united server with integrated social networking and information to create a divine community.
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