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Hearthstone Reveals Curse of Naxxramas Adventure

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Blizzard Entertainment has revealed at PAX East a new development for Hearthstone: the Curse of Naxxramas.

Many Warcraft fans will already be familiar with the story of Naxxramas, the home of the powerful lich Kel’Thuzad. Curse of Naxxramas will be a single-player adventure mode. Progress through one of five dungeon wings, defeat familiar bosses, and collect new cards for your deck! Each boss will feature unique cards and powers to offer new challenges to all players.

The adventure will introduce 30 new cards, a new game board unique to the adventure, nine unique class challenges that reward class-specific cards, and more. The adventure will unveil over the course of five weeks, wing by wing. The first wing will be free; each wing after will require a purchase with either in-game gold or real money. All new cards will also appear in the Arena, even if a player hasn’t earned them personally.

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