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Space Engineers Reveals ‘Economy Update’

Space Engineers has an awesome new update that has been in the works over the last few months: an Economy Update. This update adds NPC Trading Stations, AI-controlled stores and contracts. Contracts are both generated, and player-made. There are New Blocks to utilize, Store, Contracts and Safe Zone Blocks, and a pair of new items in Datapads and Zone Chips. A Faction Reputation System was installed, and Space Credits are a new in-game currency. On top of this, the free update will include the economy code updates, safe zones, and so much more. Details can be found in the patch notes in the link below.

For players that want to support the game further, they created a pack of cosmetic items to purchase. None of these items will give players an advantage; they just look really cool. The Economy Deluxe pack is 3.99, and a list of the items in it is below. Space Engineers also added items to existing DLC packs. A list of these is also below.

Economy Deluxe Pack:

  • Miner suit
  • Soldier suit
  • Disco armor skin
  • Glamour armor skin
  • Silver armor skin
  • 14 safezone skins
  • 32 faction logos
  • Vending machine
  • ATM

New Decorative Pack Items:

  • L shaped couch
  • Toilet version with the door entrance
  • Desk without chair (straight and corner)

New Style Pack Items:

  • Retro suit
  • Ghillie suit
  • Wood armor skin
  • Moss armor skin

Deluxe Version:

  • Golden armor skin
  • New music track from our composer Karel Antonin
  • Comic book concept art
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