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Rumble Fighter Season 5 Approaches

Rumble Fighter Season 5

Rumble Fighter Unleashed is coming as GamesCampus reveals the first pieces of this massive update. A new countdown clock on the official site touts the update at roughly 25 days away!

So what key features can we expect from Rumble Fighter: Unleashed?

New and Improved AI: For starters, new and improved AI for 8 characters will be introduced. You and up to three of your friends can join up to fight 1-4 bots on either the Chinatown or Resurrection maps. GamesCampus confirms that even more maps will soon be available once the AI is ready and tested.

A New Exocore: Gaiters of the Elite Monk Kris.

Daily Quests Have Arrived: Challenge your skills by completing 12 daily quests each day. Those that prove their worth will lay claim to a Dark Phoenix Crest.

Autofish: Need to step away for a few but wish you could still gain some progression? A new automatic function is now available to let you fish without any inputs on your end.

New Clothing: Style it up with new Monk Kris themed clothing, as well as a new Wrestler set!

For full details on the update, check out the news feed on the official site.

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