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Dragon Nest EU: The Awakening of the Emerald Dragon

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Next week, on the 11th of December, the Action-RPG Dragon Nest Europe’s big level 60 update will be launched. Except for pushing the level cap from 40 to 60, introducing the second job specialization and opening the new area “Lotus Marsh”, there are many more updates waiting for the players.

Dragon Nest Emerald

The Ultimate Challenge
By introducing the Emerald Dragon Nest, Typhoon Kim Nest, Professor K Nest and Gigantes Nest, and the Archbishop Nest, players can now enter 5 new Nests. Moreover, there are four new dungeon areas to explore:

Typhoon Kim Nest (Level 60) – Enslaved by stronger monsters and driven away from Humans, the fate of the Orcs seems to be doomed. One Orc to rule them all has ascended the ranks of the dying race and he will not let anything get in his way of uniting all Orcs under one single banner – his own. Tough times require tough measures and Typhoon Kim’s alliance with the Dragon Followers certainly is a radical one.

Professor K Nest (Level 60) – Once a renowned scientist, dedicated to decode the secrets of life, Professor K spiralled into madness when his wife passed away from an unknown and deadly disease that corrupted her body and eventually the Professor’s mind. Incapable to cope with the loss of what once was so dear to him, he has set out to take his revenge on all living things and create the ultimate immortal organism.

Dragon Nest EU New Nest
Once these two dangers are overcome, the daring heroes have to face their biggest challenge yet:

Emerald Dragon Nest (Raid) – Many decades have passed since the Ancients sealed away the fearsome creature known as the Emerald Dragon and kept his resting place a secret to never be revealed to anyone, except a few chosen ones of every descending generation of the Ancient tribes. Until now! A cunning and sinister stranger seems to have known the whereabouts of the Emerald Dragon and set the gruesome creature free.

Players have to prepare for an epic quest to stop the horror in the Emerald Dragon’s Nest and to finish what the old Ancients could not.

The Shadow of the Dragon has lured many new creatures into the Lotus Marsh and turned it into a perilous place. Now it is up to the players, to save the native Islas from the lurking threat and to master the four new dungeon areas: Isla Village, Riverwort Ruins, Meteor Crash Site, and Ancient Vault.

The Call of Darkness
Cracks in time and space are tearing open paths to different and dark dimensions, luring adventurers into perilous traps with their chaotic energies. Many heroes have already fallen prey to the chaos cracks and are wandering these realms as mere reflections of their human past now. The entrance to the new Chaos Crack Padma can be found in the Riverwort Docks. Fearless heroes who are level 50 and above can try to conquer the chaos and be generously rewarded in return. But beware: They might not be the first ones to never see the daylight again.

Gold instead of Experience
Players who have reached level 60 can not only look forward to playing all the new Nests, but also to a financial perk. With this update, every player will receive gold instead of experience for clearing dungeons and completing quests.

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