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Marvel Contest of Champions has welcomed the arrival of Annihilus today as part of its playable roster. Find out more in the champion spotlight.

After the Fantastic Four opened a portal to the Negative Zone in search of anti-particles, they encountered Annihilus. A vicious, raving, and paranoid insectoid creature ruling over the Negative Zone. Aided by his most prized possession, the Cosmic Control Rod, Annihilus has waged an all out war on every living thing in the Universe for it’s the only way he can ensure nothing can ever threaten his life or his precious Cosmic Control Rod.

Basic Abilities: Cosmic Control Rod, Armor Break, Stifle, Unstoppable


  • Unstoppable pressure: Annihilus only needs to land a single hit to put his opponent into a bad situation. Once they’ve been stifled, dashing back will gift Annihilus an Unstoppable Buff allowing him to freely advance on his Opponent and loop them back into more pressure.
  • Immunity to Power Manipulation: Annihilus forces players to bait out his Special Attacks to prevent him from reaching a Special 3. Any attempts to lower his power will be instantly negated and any attempts to Taunt Annihilus will only be met with pain.


  • Dependent on Cosmic Control Rod: Annihilus is highly susceptible to Nullifies, Fate Seals, and Staggers. Each time a Buff is to be removed by one of these effects, the Cosmic Control Rod will be the first to go, along with it all of his Immunities and his Ability to perform Obliterating Strikes.
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