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Magic the Gathering Comes to Puzzle & Dragons

MTG+Puzzle and Dragons Collab-image

GungHo Online is inviting players to channel their inner planeswalker with a Puzzle & Dragon+MTG Collaboration. Between June 25th and July 8th players can form alliances with characters from the Magic: the Gathering Multiverse. The Demonlord Belzenlok has arrived in a special dungeon and players must come up with strategies to deal with him. The Magic: the Gathering Egg Machine brings a variety of characters to life from the Magic universe (see below), and all players who log in during the event period will receive one free pull at the Egg Machine for a chance at a rare collab character. There’s also a special 1 Magic Stone + Magic: the Gathering Egg Machine limited time bundle for the price of 1 Magic Stone.

Magic: The Gathering Egg Machine:
● Karn
● Nicol Bolas
● Jhoira
● Vraska

● Shivan Dragon
● Serra Angel
● Gideon Jura
● Jace Beleren
● Liliana Vess
● Chandra Nalaar
● Nissa Revane

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