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Elsword: Laby Second Path Released

Elsword has released the 2nd Job Path for Laby, their newest playable character. Along with the release, there are ongoing events and obtainable in-game rewards running from now until February 12.

When Laby saw the monster at the port, she felt strange. She felt empty, and that feeling of emptiness was impacting her ability to fight. Maybe she wasn’t ready to help others out yet? Coupled with Nisha’s strange behavior, the emotion washing over her caused Laby to struggle.

When Laby embraced Nisha, she realizes that this strange feeling of emptiness had been emanating from Nisha all along. Instead of shying away from the feeling, Laby embraced Nisha tightly, and whispered…
“It’s alright, Nisha. Laby is here. Laby is by your side.”.

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