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Cuisine Royale Announced Its Coming to Xbox One Game Preview

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment are bringing their unique Battle Royale Cuisine Royale to consoles. Cuisine Royale hits the Xbox One Game Preview program on May 30th, and all Xbox One players can download it for free and get into the gun-shooting, magic-casting, physics-bending mayhem. Cuisine Royale came out in 2018 on PC and offered an unexpected take on battle royale games. Players can unlock new spells to use in battle as well as cosmetic items through their combat performance, and every few months a new season comes out that adds a different flavor of items to the mix. The current theme is Wild West, meaning revolvers, cowboy hats, Native American warpaint and more. Coming updates will bring even more items that either affect the appearance of the fighters or give them new abilities. Paid options include purchasing in-game currency or the ‘Stories Book’ DLC, both of which will give access to in-game cosmetics including rare gestures or outfits.

When dozens of players fight for survival, anything goes – anything you can find in a kitchen, be it a machine gun or a baseball bat, a kevlar vest or an ordinary colander. Each item changes the outcome of a battle, from the Eagle Vision Glasses (improving accuracy) and special footwear to make you jump higher. There are even cigars that make you look cooler (and tougher to kill). Cuisine Royale features now also include mystical powers. Fighters can spray paint magic seals to heal allies, slow down enemies, set traps or call forth zombies. Spells require the souls of sinners – a resource you get for killing enemies.

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