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Black Desert on Xbox One Receives Archer/Kamasylvia Update

A new update hits the Black Desert Xbox One edition today, adding the Archer class and the Kamasylvia region. In addition to this update, Black Desert will be free to play for Xbox Live Gold users, from August 15th – 18th, and bundles on sale for up to 50% off. The Archer class is a mobile class that is capable of piercing enemies with their arrows while also dodging their attacks simultaneously. From level 1, the Archer has two weapons, the Crossbow and Greatbow, freely switching between the two. They can also cast powerful magic, like Meteor Dive and Winged Strike.

The new update also adds the lush forest Kamasylvia region, which is the birthplace of the Elves. This will add plenty of areas for adventurers to explore, and beautiful landmarks such as the Old Wisdom Tree, and the Altar of Training. There are some limited-time events beginning today as well, such as gathering ingredients for alchemy and trading in Archer Seals for a wealth of rewards. The in-game photography contest has also begun, for a shot at Xbox Gift cards. Also arriving in this update, the new Fairy companion leaps into the game, Laila. She can aid her partner with several skills, from Tingling Breath and Feather STeps, to help them on their quest.

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